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Phillies Alumni Photo Card Set of Over 100

Phillies Alumni Photo Card Set of Over 100
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  • Winning Bid: $1,460.00
Number of Bids: 39 (Bid History)
Bid Increment: $10.00
Quantity Available: 1
Listing #: 3326176
Open Date: Sep 10, 2020 12:00:00 PM EDT
Close Date: Sep 27, 2020 04:14:32 PM EDT
Listing Type: AUCTION


    Name Date Bid
    Sep 27, 2020 04:09:32 PM EDT $1,460.00
    Sep 27, 2020 04:08:44 PM EDT $1,450.00
    Sep 27, 2020 04:03:16 PM EDT $1,400.00
    Sep 27, 2020 04:07:53 PM EDT $1,400.00
    Sep 27, 2020 04:07:08 PM EDT $1,350.00
    Sep 27, 2020 04:06:28 PM EDT $1,320.00
    Sep 27, 2020 04:06:10 PM EDT $1,300.00
    Sep 27, 2020 04:02:33 PM EDT $1,250.00
    Sep 27, 2020 03:57:50 PM EDT $1,200.00
    Sep 27, 2020 04:02:12 PM EDT $1,200.00
    Sep 27, 2020 04:00:42 PM EDT $1,180.00
    Sep 27, 2020 03:59:55 PM EDT $1,110.00
    Sep 27, 2020 03:59:13 PM EDT $1,050.00
    Sep 27, 2020 03:56:59 PM EDT $1,010.00
    Sep 27, 2020 03:52:20 PM EDT $1,000.00
    Sep 27, 2020 03:56:11 PM EDT $950.00
    Sep 27, 2020 03:55:29 PM EDT $900.00
    Sep 27, 2020 03:54:58 PM EDT $850.00
    Sep 27, 2020 01:26:47 PM EDT $810.00
    Sep 27, 2020 03:52:02 PM EDT $750.00
    Sep 27, 2020 03:51:32 PM EDT $540.00
    Sep 27, 2020 01:35:18 PM EDT $520.00
    Sep 25, 2020 08:33:15 PM EDT $500.00
    Sep 24, 2020 04:19:44 PM EDT $480.00
    Sep 24, 2020 12:38:38 PM EDT $470.00
    Sep 24, 2020 04:19:32 PM EDT $470.00
    Sep 18, 2020 08:52:11 PM EDT $450.00
    Sep 24, 2020 12:38:11 PM EDT $430.00
    Sep 10, 2020 08:34:46 PM EDT $400.00
    Sep 18, 2020 08:51:48 PM EDT $400.00
    Sep 10, 2020 09:54:26 PM EDT $380.00
    Sep 10, 2020 09:53:47 PM EDT $360.00
    Sep 10, 2020 09:03:15 PM EDT $340.00
    Sep 10, 2020 08:32:37 PM EDT $320.00
    Sep 10, 2020 06:15:51 PM EDT $310.00
    Sep 10, 2020 03:59:47 PM EDT $300.00
    Sep 10, 2020 05:46:30 PM EDT $300.00
    Sep 10, 2020 05:46:19 PM EDT $280.00
    Sep 10, 2020 05:46:00 PM EDT $260.00
  • Item Description

    A must have for any Phillies collector, this set of Phillies Alumni Photo Cards includes 101 different cards of Phillies legends, along with three (3) additional Hall of Fame cards, some of which have never been released to the general public. The set of over 100 includes greats from all of your favorite Phillies teams, including the 1980 & 2008 World Series Champions, as well as the 1993 National League Champions and members of the Phillies Wall of Fame. These 4" x 6" photo cards of Phillies alumni are exclusive to Citizens Bank Park and are a great collector's item for Phillies fans everywhere. The following players are included in the set:

    Bobby Abreu
    Dick Allen
    Ruben Amaro Jr.
    Larry Andersen
    Marlon Anderson
    Richie Ashbrun (HOF Card)
    Mick Billmeyer
    Joe Blanton
    Bob Boone
    Ricky Botallico
    Larry Bowa
    Eric Bruntlett
    Warren Brusstar
    Jim Bunning
    Pat Burrell
    Marty Bystrom
    Steve Carlton
    Dave Cash
    Wes Chamberlain
    Larry Christenson
    Clay Condrey
    Rheal Cormier
    Darren Daulton
    Roly de Armas
    Greg Dobbs
    Rich Dubee
    Mariano Duncan
    Chad Durbin
    Jim Eisenreich
    Scott Eyre
    Pedro Feliz
    Paul Fletcher
    Ben Francisco
    Pat Gillick
    Doug Glanville
    Dallas Green
    Tyler Green
    Tommy Greene
    Wayne Gomes
    Von Hayes
    Al Holland
    Dave Hollins
    Ryan Howard
    Raul Ibanez
    Pete Incaviglia
    Danny Jackson
    Geoff Jenkins
    Ricky Jordan
    Harry Kalas (HOF Card)
    Kyle Kendrick
    John Kruk
    Brad Lidge
    Mike Lieberthal
    Tony Longmire
    Greg Luzinski
    Pete Mackanin
    Gary Maddox
    Charlie Manuel
    Jeff Manto
    Jerry Martin
    Roger Mason
    Gary Matthews
    John Mayberry Jr.
    Bake McBride
    Tim McCarver
    Jason Michaels
    Don Money
    Willie Montanez
    Mickey Morandini
    Jamie Moyer
    Dale Murphy
    Brett Myers
    Dickie Noles
    Roy Oswalt
    Todd Pratt
    Placido Polanco
    Nick Punto
    Randy Ready
    Ben Rivera
    Jimmy Rollins
    J.C. Romero
    Aaron Rowand
    Carlos Ruiz
    Juan Samuel
    Curt Schilling
    Mike Schmidt (HOF Card)
    Matt Stairs
    Kevin Stocker
    Tony Taylor
    Bobby Thigpen
    Jim Thome
    Milt Thompson
    Manny Trillo
    Del Unser
    Chase Utley
    Wilson Valdez
    Shane Victorino
    Ozzie Virgil
    Jayson Werth
    David West
    Mitch Williams
    Bobby Wine
    Rick Wise
    Randy Wolf
  • Auction Details

    About Charity: Phillies Charities, Inc.

    Phillies Charities, Inc., the charitable arm of the Phillies organization, makes gifts to charitable organizations that serve a wide variety of needs, primarily in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, and the communities of its minor league affiliates.

    Phillies Charities, Inc. raises funds through a variety of activities throughout the year, including The Phantastic Auction.

    Learn more about the Phillies in the community by visiting

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